Centralize process alarms and diagnostics on an enterprise scale.

Why OperationsMetrics?

Human performance typically contributes to 70-80% of all abnormal situations at process plants, and through our platform, we strive to mitigate such occurrences by optimizing operational processes and decision-making.  

How Does OperationMetrics Work?

Alarm and event data generated by automation systems has traditionally been stranded in the industrial site yet holds tremendous value for various users throughout industrial organizations.

Our cloud-native application aims to democratize and leverage event-based operational data, empowering stakeholders to enhance their industrial operations. Real-time monitoring offers crucial insights that drive operational excellence at every site level, while our multi-site bench marketing capabilities enable organizations to aggregate and analyze extensive datasets, providing a comprehensive view across operating fleets.

Process Alarms and Events

Centralize process alarms and event diagnostics on an enterprise scale utilizing ISA18.2 standard.

Operator Actions

Improving performance by proactively identifying operator training needs and necessary improvements to control logic.

Automation Bypasses

Real-time bypass monitoring and risk assessment to reduce the likelihood and severity of abnormal situations.

Application Focus

Open access plant alarm and event data to operations, engineering, training and safety and risk experts throughout your enterprise.

Application Focus

Mitigate abnormal situations related to human error.

Application Focus

Track process alarm performance against industry benchmarks - ISA-18.2, EEUMA-191.

Application Focus

Compare KPIs across fleets and prioritize improvement opportunities.

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