Identify and quickly address control performance issues.

Why ControlPerformance?

In the industrial sector, maintaining optimal control performance is crucial for financial success, as poor control can lead to various operational inefficiencies, including deceased reliability of key control loops, which can result in unplanned downtime, poor performance, and damaged equipment.

What is ControlPerformance?

BlueMarvel.ControlPerformance, our cloud-native application, addresses these challenges by providing comprehensive analytics and visualization tools for centralized monitoring and maintenance of control systems. By simplifying remote monitoring and aiding in the identification of root causes for control issues, we help streamline operations and drive meaningful improvements.  

Application Focus

Identify control performance issues and address them quickly to ensure plant performance is sustained where it is most profitable.

Application Focus

Improve, monitor and sustain control performance measures - controller service factors, process variability, and operator interventions.

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