BlueMarvel illuminates enterprise data in unprecedented ways.

Who is BlueMarvel?

When was the last time you had your perspective shifted by a seemingly simple observation? Prior to 1961, the revelation that “The Earth is Blue” remained elusive until Yuri Gagarin’s historic journey aboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft. 

In 1972, Apollo17 transmitted the iconic “Blue Marble” image back to Earth, forever transforming our perception of our home planet. It was this awe-inspiring imagery that served as the catalyst for the birth of BlueMarvel. Inspired by the profound impact of the Blue Marble photograph, BlueMarvel emerges as a revolutionary solution, pioneering a new frontier in industrial operations. By harnessing the spirit of exploration and discovery embodied in that iconic image, BlueMarvel unlocks invaluable insights into human safety, asset reliability, production optimization, and energy efficiency, empowering industrial operators in ways previously unimaginable. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology for data analysis, operations management, and process monitoring, BlueMarvel revolutionizes how we perceive and handle industrial data, translating its complexities into actionable insight. Just as the first breathtaking glimpse of the ‘Blue Marble’ reshaped our perception of Earth, BlueMarvel pioneers a new era for industrial enterprises. With its suite of applications, BlueMarvel illuminates enterprise data in unprecedented ways, allowing enterprises to see their data in new light.

“I see Earth! It is so beautiful! Everything can be seen very clearly."

— Yuri Gagarin, the first person to see Earth.

Over 80 years of industrial experience.

BlueMarvel is an industrial operations technology company backed by over 80 years of process industry expertise. Together, we can navigate the digital transformation space and explore the exciting new frontiers of AI and Machine Learning in industrial enterprises.

What Difference Does BlueMarvel Make?

Today, process control systems gather and securely transmit process data for computation. This hard-coded approach is ripe for disruption by adaptive self-learning solutions. As AI transforms industries, early adopters stand to gain the most!

BlueMarvel draws on its deep knowledge of operations technology, industrial process control, and risk management to assist operators in their drive for excellence. We have walked in our customers' shoes. We connect outcomes to their key drivers. We generate predictive insight to improve decision-maker's results.

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