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Have a specific use case that requires a tailored approach?

Our top-tier Operational Technology Data Scientists dive into your data ecosystem, investigating various use cases, including equipment reliability, process debottlenecking, predictive performance monitoring, process optimization, and workflow automation. Backed by extensive industry domain knowledge, adept machine learning skills, and expertise in data architecture, our experts meticulously analyze your processes and use cases.

Our InsightPRO service is not just about exploring data; it’s about uncovering possibilities, seizing opportunities, and driving meaningful change in your operations. It’s a paid option, but we guarantee return on investment with the insights we uncover from your data. With our expertise and dedication, we empower you to leverage the full potential of BlueMarvel data science to transform your business.

What we provide:

Comprehensive Analysis

We review your data to uncover insights and opportunities.

ROI Evaluation

We assess the return-on-investment potential of the proposed solutions.

Infrastructure Assessment

We identify any gaps in your infrastructure for deploying data-driven

Roadmap Development

We collaborate with you to craft a roadmap for implementing solutions with the highest ROI.


We develop, deploy and maintain data-driven and hybrid models in production

Data-driven Solutions

We develop, deploy and maintain data-driven solutions in cloud and edge

What problems we solve:

Plant Performance & Safety Assessment:

  • Data-driven alarm rationalization recommendation
  • Energy management audit
  • Emission performance
  • Safety bypass and operator events
  • Procedure automation opportunity
  • Control-loop performance

Reliability and Predictive Monitoring

  • Rotating equipment
  • Plant-wide/critical process units
  • Smart devices
  • Remote assets
  • Control system hardware

Predictive Modelling

  • Inferential sensors
  • Performance/quality metrics
  • Reliability metrics
  • Predictive emissions monitoring

Process debottlenecking:

  • Production/process facilities
  • Manufacturing circuits
  • Optimization opportunities
  • Process constraints assessment

Data Engineering

  • ETL pipelines - Cloud/Edge
  • OT workflow automation
  • OT Documentation
  • Control system metadata extraction

Data Infrastructure Consulting

  • Readiness audit
  • Edge/Cloud/On-prem
  • Solution architecture

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