At our core, we are a software product-focused company. We embed our understanding of Operational problems into the DNA of our software and are fluent in every aspect of the data stack. The result are "Plug n Play" software applications, supercharged by Artificial Intelligence, that incorporate industry standard workflows, reporting, notifications, and visual insights.


Plug ‘n’ Play Software

From data creation through to operationalization, we have the experiences, solutions, and technical skills that make it possible (and demonstrable) to offer customers something truly unique; downloadable software applications. Similar to the App Store concept on todays smartphones, we have engineered a framework that provides connectivity, inter-operations, and application standards for all our products. We call this InterOp framework Core[IC].

Core[IC] — The BlueMarvel Kernel

Relevant data is plumbed from sensors, systems, and complementary data sources into our foundry where its transformed and loaded for analysis, modelling, and contextualization. From there, insights are cast and served directly into our Products.

Core[IC] Whitepaper
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Our product portfolio is designed to achieve
results in the areas that matter to industrial operators

Products built around operational themes

Pretty simple, our Product Suite is made up of several Operational Themes - with each theme being comprised of one to many Products. Customers have the option of subscribing to a single product, multiple products, themes, or our entire suite. The more products subscribed to, the more overlays, correlations, and confident predictions - the more value you extract from the subscription.


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BlueMarvel AI is an Industrial Operations Applied AI solutions company. We combine our deep knowledge of operating challenges — existing and emerging — with technological solution development expertise to help Operating Functions capture value through applied AI.